Accord Scada

Accord is our innovative modern no-code platform for Process Automation. It is completely object oriented, and allows us to implement solutions very efficiently, providing time reductions for control development, visualisation development, documentation and commissioning. 

Accord is in use in many systems in Ireland, UK, Middle East, and China, controlling a variety of processes. It is used as the production system in very important sites in Ireland, including the largest bottled water plant, largest biogas plant, largest bulk chemical production plant, and largest metal smelter plants. These important plants chose Accord for its dependability and ease of maintenance.

Built for stability – No-Code Scada

Accord has been deployed to control and manage many types of process, including

Blending ProcessGel and Lotion Manufacture
Purified Water  Media Preparation and Storage
CIP         Production  
Bulk Storage TanksUtilities

Accord Architecture

Success Story for Treatment Plant installation;

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